MarketsIf an off-grid power unit has to constantly provide energy, our Portable Hybrid Fuel Cell Generators are the key technology demanding applications.

Dismounted soldiers are equipped with a myriad of portable devices in addition to communications and computers.

Power supply is the most critical part of the Land Warrior System to allow the new electronics-based equipment to function effectively for a long mission. Traditional generators and batteries cause both a logistical problem and a serious danger, as associated noise, heat signature and emissions can be detected by the enemy.

Rescue teams cannot wait for the replacement of a power source. Human life may depend on the capability to continuously communicate with colleagues, utilize unmanned systems to localize people in dangerous situations as well as to extend the power of Remote Area Lighting Systems. 

Portable electromedical devices, driven by the need for efficient decentralized care centers, immediate medical assistance at disaster sites must be supported by reliable lightweight power sources.

Remote telecommunications displaced in off-grid locations, such as islands or deserts, where temperature variations are relevant, coping with reduced maintenance, stretch the ability of current technology to cost-effectively deliver reliable performance.

Sailing, Camping,  great experiences in the nature can be compromised by unreliable, short-term secondary battery sources and noisy motogenerators.

The lightweight, compact, smooth, vibration-free GENPORT 300  series is the power solution for all these applications.





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Off-Grid Residential & Leisure

Off-Grid Residential & Leisure


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