FORCEAGE Company established in 2002 by group of like-minded people, with professional knowledge, practical experience, creativity and grate desire to work in corporate market of the equipment supply.

FORCEAGE Company is a complex supplier of electrical equipment.

Our capabilities include design, supply, installation and servicing.


1. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems – UPS, invertors, stabilizers. 

FORCEAGE working with electronic equipment manufacturers:

   - APC by Schneider Electric
   - EATON
   - INELT
   - GE
   - ORTEA etc.

2.  Industrial Batteries/stationary batteries, designed to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in a myriad of applications.

FORCEAGE is the official representative of the Italian industrial group FIAMM S.p.A. - Trademark FIAMM

Types of  industrial batteries | Battery Supplies:


   - Gel VRLA - SMG (OPzV), SMG Solar (OPzV)

   - Flooded - LM (OPzS), SD-SDH (OGi), SGL-SGH (GroE) 

   - Sodium Nickel Chloride - FZ SoNick 

All of the Industrial stationary Batteries feature all the necessary certificates and permits to operate in the territory of the Russian Federation.


3. Shelving and cabinets for industrial batteries (interconnect cables)

FORCEAGE Company is the official representative of the company MONTANARO (Italy), which manufactures racks to accommodate the batteryes. Racks are suitable for all types of batteries have a special acid resistant coating, that eliminates the corrosion of the material in the event of contact with the electrolyte.


4. Production facilities allow our European partners to develop, produce, install and maintain electrical equipment:

·        Industrial devices to charge and discharge the battery.

·        Pulse power supply for electroplating and electrochemistry.

·        Switching power supply for cathodic protection and diode separating elements.

·        Industrial voltage converters DC / AC.

·        The equipment for automation and measurement.

·        Electronic control systems and power regulators for the Railways


5. Automatic charger – «FORCEAGE Charger»:

Automatic chargers «FORCEAGE Charger» to charge batteries with a capacity up to 2000A / h with the voltage of the battery set 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts.


6.  FORCEAGE - Complex supplier of electrical equipment for energy facilities of the Russian Federation:

Close contacts with Russian and foreign manufacturers allow us to offer customers solutions that satisfy most requests.

·        Switchgear

·        Operating dc voltage system (ODVS)

·        Built-in DC distribution

7. FORCEAGE - authorized service center for repair UPS, inverters, stabilizers.

·        Warranty and post-warranty repairs: APC, EATON, Inelt and others.

·        Service abilities - PPM, PPR, diagnostics of electrical equipment.

·        Works are carried out in the Service Center or at the customer premises.

·        Availability of equipment replacement, while we repair yours broken equipment

·         We provide an individual approach to everyone who has chosen us as a good assistant, reliable partners and suppliers.

·         We ASPIRE to make the actions of our companies TO cause positive, trusting relationships, respect and understanding of our customers, business partners and our employees.

·         Our employs are creative, friendly and responsible, readily take up a wide variety of decision problems that arise from our clients.

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